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Every town should be able to grow and allow the people that live there to develop as a community. Strong communities benefit from diversity and allowing everyone the opportunity to live in the place they grew up.

Beaconsfield desperately needs more affordable housing to allow families to stay in the area and for the key workers to rely on.

Beeches Park, to the east of Beaconsfield, was identified in a recent Local Plan consultation as a great location for this to happen, supporting growth and bringing much needed affordable housing to the town, alongside community facilities, new sports pitches and provision for a primary school, all within a network of green spaces, woodlands, parks and play areas.

The vision

The Portman Estate has a vision to create a new part of Beaconsfield that the whole town can be proud of and which sets a new benchmark for what can be achieved when there is a genuine commitment to creating a great place for people to live.

Beautiful homes in a fantastic setting.

Illustration of a street

Homes for all

  • Up to 450 high quality homes in a mixture of sizes, available in a range of ways to buy and to rent.
  • 40% of the homes at Beeches Park will be available to buy or rent at a more affordable rate than the local market.
  • The Portman Estate is keen to work with Buckinghamshire Council so that opportunities for affordable homes put local people first and priority is given to essential local workers.

Green spaces for all

  • 64% of the site will be land dedicated to community uses and public access to green spaces – including parks, woodland, play areas, pathways, cycleways and sports pitches, with sustainability at its core.
  • Preservation of existing woodlands and streams.

Seen as an appropriate place for new homes

  • The site was considered the right place for development as part of the draft South Bucks and Chiltern Local Plan which saw extensive local feedback and local engagement.
Illustration of primary school

The Portman Estate believes Beeches Park is an example of what can be achieved when there is a true commitment to quality and creating a place that meets local housing needs.