Why Beaconsfield needs more housing

The gap between house prices and salaries in Buckinghamshire is at a record high and Beaconsfield has the highest average house prices of anywhere outside London. The average price for property in the town is £1.2m and rose by 12.54% in the last 12 months (Zoopla, June 2021). That puts it at number three in the UK’s most expensive English towns outside London. That is not sustainable if the people of Beaconsfield want their families, young people and key workers to be able to find new places to live in the town.

A town needs to be able to grow and allow the people that live there to develop as a community. Strong communities benefit from diversity and allowing young people to put down roots in the place they grew up.

Illustration of woodland edge

Beaconsfield desperately needs new, more affordable housing to help families to stay close as they grow.

And it is not just young people that need housing. Support for new accommodation for older people should be provided in sustainable locations in principal settlements. The Portman Estate fully supports the work that went into the South Bucks Core Strategy to ensure there are the right homes for older people, including those wanting to downsize. This proposal will deliver a range of housing options that Beaconsfield really needs, including ‘Lifetime Homes’, which have features including level access and doors wide enough for wheelchairs, and also meet the needs of parents and people with disabilities.

The proposal also supports Buckinghamshire Council’s commitment to become a ‘Social Housing Council’. The council states: “It is essential that good quality social housing is available at affordable rents; it is reported that Buckinghamshire is an expensive place in which to live, leading to a serious hurdle in the recruitment of key workers such as teachers, nurses and GPs”.

Beeches Park will contribute to this commitment and provide young people and young families with hope that they can continue to live in Beaconsfield.

The site is ideal for creating this new place for Beaconsfield. The key road infrastructure is already in place. Beeches Park will become a great place that the whole of Beaconsfield can be proud of.

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