Share your views

Local views are important, so please get in touch if you agree that communities like Beaconsfield need space to grow, to create places where people can call home.

The area to the east of Beaconsfield has been subject to discussions about housing development for years and it is understood that many local people will have concerns.

The Portman Estate is proposing to bring forward a development that is responsible and respectful of the local character and way of life for local communities and is keen to hear local views from across all Beaconsfield’s communities.

The application at this stage is for outline planning permission on the principle of creating a new place for Beaconsfield that supports the town’s needs: new homes for local people, new community facilities, new public green spaces and provision for a new primary school. Your views on the outline plans proposed would be welcome and will guide detailed design of the development.

It is recognised that there is a lack of quality housing for young people, key workers and those in their later years in and around Beaconsfield. Beeches Park will help address this and help families to stay together in the town, rather than having to leave to find more affordable housing. Beaconsfield deserves quality housing for every generation.

Feedback can be provided by sending in an email to the design team who will be interested to hear your thoughts on the proposals.

It is important to hear constructive views and comments that indicate whether the proposal has got things right. So please do take time to provide your views.

It is also important to understand that there will be an opportunity to provide feedback to Buckinghamshire Council’s own consultation on our proposals, which can be accessed, once validated, via

A full public consultation will be undertaken when detailed planning permission is applied for, where you will also be able to leave your views on the masterplan itself.