Creating a great place to live

Beeches Park will create a network of public green spaces and a central new neighbourhood park for people to enjoy, alongside new community facilities and some business opportunities with a number of new local shops.

Creating an environment for people to live healthily is important to The Portman Estate. In addition to the new parkland, existing woodland and streams will be retained and new hedgerows added. There will be new tree belts and woodland areas, alongside community orchards and allotments. The biodiversity across the site will be the subject of major investment and uplift.

In total there will be 16.6 hectares of publicly accessible, community space including natural woodland, parks, play areas, paths and cycleways. That is 64% of the site.

This includes provision for new sports pitches with changing facilities that are much needed by sports clubs in the area.

Beaconsfield is one of the most attractive places to live in the country and it will continue to be so.

Illustration of the local centre

Homes and public spaces will be designed to ensure Beeches Park is part of Beaconsfield from the outset.

There will be high quality housing providing a mix of sizes and tenures, welcoming public green spaces and the proposal also includes provision for a new primary school to both relieve pressure on the existing school catchments and accommodate growth.

The design will encourage people to walk and cycle and the masterplan has been developed to ensure it is as easy to connect to Beaconsfield town centre as to the open countryside. There will also be excellent connections for public transport with new bus infrastructure planned.

Beeches Park will enhance Beaconsfield and make it a better place for all.