The vision: what is proposed

Illustrative masterplan

Illustrative Masterplan showing how Beeches Park could look. At this stage the application is for outline planning permission, which creates the parameters for future development of the land. Details on the proposal can be found on the project website at There will be further opportunities to provide a view via a full public consultation when an application for detailed planning permission is brought forward. Details on the outline planning application, once validated, can be found on the Buckinghamshire Council Planning Portal.

Places like Beaconsfield just do not have enough homes within affordable reach for many to stay in the town as they grow and build their lives.

This proposal will create a new place for Beaconsfield, that will allow the town to grow naturally, with high quality homes in a mixture of sizes, available in a range of ways to buy and rent. This will support Beaconsfield to deliver the housing it needs and deserves.

Beeches Park is an example of what can be achieved when there is a true commitment to quality and to creating a place that meets local housing needs in a sensitive manner. The development will protect and enhance the character of the town, which is so important to all its residents.

The plans have sustainability at their heart and The Portman Estate is committed to the One Planet Living® framework, which has been developed with the WWF and aims to achieve a vision of a world where everyone, everywhere lives healthy, happy lives within the limits of the planet – leaving space for wildlife and wilderness.

What is proposed:

  • Up to 450 high quality, low carbon homes in a mixture of sizes, available in a range of ways to buy and to rent
  • Opportunities for self and custom-built homes
  • Designed in keeping with the neighbourhood, including how the housing looks, its setting in a green environment and the choice of materials for homes and public spaces
  • A range of sports and recreation pitches with changing facilities
  • Community facilities and provision for a new primary and pre-school
  • Preserving and utilising existing woodlands and trees, with new hedges and tree planting around the boundary
Illustration of woodland edge

New footpaths and cyclepaths connecting new green parks and woodland spaces with Beaconsfield

  • Biodiversity net gain through a wealth of new aquatic and land habitats and managed landscapes for trees, grasses and flowers
  • Long-term management and stewardship
  • Carefully considered access to take advantage of the new relief road
  • No traffic access onto Minerva Way
  • A highly sustainable development with strong environmental credentials